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Point of View: The Standoff

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"Cops did that man wrong and straight tore his house up and knocked out all windows. That's just good ole boy police work in MISSISSIPPI! He has a mental problem, clearly you can tell. Did you have to slam him to the ground he wasn't in any way resisting." 

That was just one of many comments that was generated by the amazing story last week in which a man with some obvious mental issues gave authorities in Madison County the idea that he had barricaded himself inside his home after they came looking for him for pulling a gun on a man.  

He wasn't there when the cops busted in. The next morning, he shows up as two of our news crews are on the scene and immediately starts talking to Bert Case. 

We call the cops and in 15 minutes they show up and take him down.  

Some of you thought it was done a bit harshly because he had made the sheriff look bad. Others felt it was proper police work. 

I say, police often have to make a lot of split second decisions that none of the rest of us have to make.

But, they probably could have spared his house. Let's hope this man gets the help he needs.  

That's my point of view. 

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