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Walt's Look Around: Our weird weather

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I was looking over one of the weather dispatches from the National Weather Service office in Jackson the other day, and the meteorologist who wrote it departed from his usual technical explanation of the logic behind the forecast to observe that we have had over a week of 70 degree-plus high temperatures at Jackson.

 He looked back over the records and discovered that the previous longest string of 70 degree-plus days in January lasted only about 4 days, and then things fell into the deep freeze again.

Well, if you've looked at your yards you've seen that nature has responded to the mild temperatures. Daffodils are already up and blooming. Of course, they're one of the first flowers of spring, anyway. But even conservatively they're at LEAST a couple of weeks early.

Same with the hyacinth. These flowers seem the most anxious to get going. They come out of the ground blooming. But usually a little later than now.

The quince I got a cutting of from mama's yard always starts blooming in January anyway, so it doesn't count in the "early to rise" category.

But here's a couple of oddities, our petunias in the baskets on the rail of the front porch are still hanging on even after our 20 degree weather as well as the geraniums along the front wall of the house on the porch.

They were pitiful in last summer's heat. Now they're blooming like crazy with no protection from the cold. Maybe I should check for heat-loss through that living room wall.

I put out an appeal for information on more abnormally early flowers on my Facebook page and was told that, among other places, Clinton seemed to have a pretty good representation.

Here's winter camellias, which SHOULD be blooming now, highlighted by Japanese Magnolia, which is about a month early in a front yard in Clinton.

And down the road in Raymond, white iris are already blooming at St. Mark's Episcopal church across from the courthouse. And entwined on the church bell in the side yard, yellow Carolina jasmine is already in bloom. Jasmine was my daddy's favorite flower because he said when it bloomed it was a sure sign that spring was already here.

Wild fruit trees out in the woods are alive. But it IS January. Could this be spring? Well we'd hope so. But watch the sky. Any evening now our faux spring could be clouded over by the next cold front and real winter come back.

But I'd rather we have had this late January SPRING-snap than an ice storm.

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