Pardoned killer located - - Jackson, MS

Pardoned killer located

Good morning on this Tuesday, the last day of January 2012, from WLBT's Brandon Artiles!

We're flirting with 50 right now as the thermometer reads 49 degrees. We'll ask meteorologist Paul Williams if he thinks it will be a good idea to bring an umbrella today, and he'll have that answer in his First Alert Forecast.

Making headlines, the only convicted murderer pardoned by former governor Haley Barbour that did not turn himself in, has been located. Coming up in the WLBT A.M. Report we'll tell you about some of the special privileges Joseph Ozment had while a Trusty at the Governor's Mansion.

Plus, city leaders in Jackson say a move to the Metrocenter won't be happening any time soon. Find out why at the top of the hour.

And, in a 3 On Your Side live report, Jewell Hillery will tell us why thousands of Mississippi nurses will be in Capital City today.

All those stories and much more are headed your way, so please join us from 5 to 7.

Make sure to join the conversation via Facebook and Twitter, and have a good Tuesday!

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