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Walt's Look Around: Everyday is Christmas

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THOMASTOWN, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There's the line from a song that asks "Why can't everyday be like Christmas?'

Well, at the Edwards House in Thomastown, it is"

At least this year.

But this may be the last year for it.

Mark Edwards really dolled up her Christmas tree this year, as she's been doing for over 20 years.

There are a few Little Debbie dolls like the girl on the cookies, and about five small dolls that came from Avon.

But far and away the preponderance of her doll ornaments are small Barbie dolls.

Over fifteen-hundred little Barbie dolls.

Where does she get them?

Mark Edwards: Uh, McDonalds. They come in the Happy Meals. You know they put little toys in for the children? When I first started I was just wild about 'em. If McDonalds had them I'd go and buy as many as they'd let me have.

Walt: Evidently, there has been quite a variety of Barbie's released over the decades in Happy Meals.

Mark: I have at least one of all of them.

Walt: When Mark Edwards started her collection in 1990, she had them on a shelf and maybe let the grandchildren play with them when they came over. But as the collection grew, it was a fellow nurse who gave her the idea to decorate her Christmas tree with them. And the Barbie Doll Christmas Tree's been at Edwards household tradition since then. Back when there were just a few hundred of the dolls it was a lark to put them up and take them down every year. But with a thousand and a half decorating the Barbie tree has become a lot more than child's play. And the tree has stayed up later and later into the New Year in proportion to the time it is taken to decorate it. Until now, it just may be too much.

Mark: This year will be most likely the last year that I have my Barbie Doll tree up because I'm older, my body's not as strong as it has been. It took me two weeks to get it up this year when I usually take three days.

Walt: Of course my suggestion to Mark was, if the tree is getting to be too much trouble to take down and put back up every year, just leave it up year round. Of course my idea of cleaning up my office is to close the door, too. So you can't go a lot by what I say.

But you have to admit, it would be one step closer to having every day seem like Christmas, to have a Christmas tree up every day.

Not to mention a interesting place to display that collection of each and every Barbie that has come out in a Happy Meal since they started putting them in there.

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