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Sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Vicksburg mayor

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The Mayor of Vicksburg is facing serious allegations from a former employee. 

Mayor Paul Winfield has been slapped with a sexual harassment suit, from his former Chief of Staff Kenya Burks.

Burks says her consensual sexual relationship with the Mayor lasted just over a year.

She says when she broke it off, Winfield became abusive, and fired her.

The mayor denies everything.

"She had a consensual sexual relationship with the Mayor then towards the end of her employment she terminated the relationship," said Nick Norris, Burks' attorney. "Burks alleges that she initially cut off that relationship because the Mayor became physically abusive towards her."

Norris says he has evidence the relationship included trips out of state, and meetings at her apartment just a block from city hall.  

"Eventually the mayor retaliated against her for rebutting the sexual advances and terminated her," Norris said. "Were gonna have text messages, video as well where the mayor was appearing at our clients apartment on a nightly basis."

Mayor Winfield denies all of Burks allegations.  

From his office he responded Wednesday.

"All those allegations are untrue again Ms. Burks is disgruntled former employee who had a number of issues that didn't work out for her here in Vicksburg, unfortunately she's chosen to take a negative tone against both me and my administration."

Mayor Winfield says Burks position was terminated by his board, and she wasn't fired as some sort of payback.

He claims she did have other ongoing legal issues at the time.

"I am aware that Ms. Burks did have some criminal investigations being done on her," Mayor Winfield said. "I was made aware through her on allegations of check kiting." 

Attorney's representing Burks say Mayor Winfield also threatened her with lawsuits if she wouldn't re-kindle their relationship.

All of which is denied by the mayor.

Kenya Burkes left Vicksburg last year.

Her profile on Bebo says she's working in Dallas, Texas with a software company.

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