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Hazlehurst woman wants action on abandoned house nearby

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HAZLEHURST, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Linda Berry has been living on State Street in Hazlehurst for 17 years.

About two years ago, she says, the man across the street moved out, but left piles of trash in the open garage.

"It's gross. And it looks so unsightly when you're coming from this end of the street," Berry said. "When I've seen paper scattered, I've walked over here with gloves on, picked it up."

Two eyes peered out at us on Wednesday from the garbage.

It was a dog, who we also spotted limping on three legs.

We followed the dog behind the house to find more piles of litter.

Berry says the limping dog belongs to the neighbor.

We wanted to go next door and knock on the neighbor's door to ask them about the injured dog, but a dog that looked like a bull terrier greeted us, and didn't seem too happy we were on the property.

Berry is hoping someone will take notice about the home.

"I called city hall, talked with an alderman about it, he said he would get on it," Berry said.

Berry says the city took action a year ago when she called about the sagging roof on the abandoned home.

Someone came out and reinforced the roof with new boards.

But she says a month has gone by since she contacted city hall this time.

So we called.

Frank Jones, Ward 1 Alderman, told us by telephone that he's been working on the issue.

The owner of the abandoned home was contacted and given a deadline to clean up the property.

Jones says if nothing happens by Tuesday, February 7, the Board will vote on taking action.

The city may clean the property, and apply the cost to the homeowner's taxes.

Berry plans to keep us posted. 

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