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Wednesday's Child -Keiera

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It is very painful for children to feel unwanted. So just imagine how hard it is for this week's Wednesday's Child. She has been featured 3 different times. We first met Keiera when she was 14 years old, she is now almost 17 and still waiting for a forever family.

Keiera is curious about the things around her and is eager to learn new things. She enjoys being challenged especially when it comes to science.

"I like the stars, and the earth, and space. The solar system", said Keiera.

Keiera likes a lot of attention but she is usually cooperative.

"You like fashion, I can tell. Your outfit is very pretty. This is not my kind of outfit. Oh it's not. Okay what do you like? Tell me what kind of outfit you like. Kind of a rocker kind of person. Okay. I like to skateboard, play soccer, I like to play guitar, the drums, the keyboard. I like to draw, I like to write stories", Keiera said.

Keiera says she can be stubborn but she is not aggressive. She enjoys being creative.

"I want to be in a band, I'll make my own band, not in someone else's band", said Keiera.

When it comes to her brothers Keiera says it is important that they grow up together, but if that is not possible she wants to maintain contact with them.

"We are separated. What is it like being separated from them? Well I wouldn't say its easy but. Are you used to it? Yeah cause, I mean, we haven't been together all our life, you know.. So…, Keiera said.

If you would like more information on adoption, please call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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