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The Pardongate Saga

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Call it opening Pandora's box or a can of worms, this pardongate episode has left Mississippi with egg on our face, a black eye, and a stubbed political toe.

Who in their wildest imagination thought that our outgoing two term governor, who did a yeoman's job pulling our state through the Katrina recovery, would blind side so many with probably the longest list of Hail Mary pardons in U.S. History?

Mistakes were made, furthering the legal finger pointing and mushrooming the negative and horrified reaction.

Changes have been made.

And more on the way.

No more trusties at the Mansion.

Lost files will not disappear again.

Victims families will be treated with the respect they deserve.

And this legal and public relations disaster will be fixed by the Supreme Court and legislature.

Let's all hope so.

That's my Point of View.

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