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Romney wins Nevada caucus

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Mitt Romney told his supporters that he would be the one to fix the economy. (Source: CNN) Mitt Romney told his supporters that he would be the one to fix the economy. (Source: CNN)

(RNN) - Nevada caucus results have Republican hopeful presidential candidate Romney in a strong lead with a double digit advantage over Newt Gingrich. Ron Paul is projected to come in third, and Rick Santorum will round off fourth.

Romney used his after-caucus speech to attack President Barack Obama, and addressed the new, lower unemployment figures. He said Obama had yet to fulfill any of his promises as unemployment hasn't been under 8 percent since he took office.

"America needs a president who can fix the economy because he understands the economy, and I do so I will," Romney said.

"Obama should not be apologizing for Americans, he should be apologizing to Americans."

As the results poured in, Paul and Santorum met with supporters to voice their determination to carry on. Gingrich's daughters told CNN that he's here to stay.

On Tuesday, Romney secured his second win and dealt a crushing defeat to Gingrich in the Florida primary, polling 14 percentage points ahead of his rival and closest competition.

Still, surrounded by supporters carrying "46 states to go" signs - a nod to the 46 states left to hold primaries or caucuses - Gingrich pledged to move forward.

"We are going to contest every place and we are going to win and we are going to be in Tampa as the nominee in August," he said on Tuesday.

While the race is far from over - candidates must win 1,144 delegates to grab hold of the nomination - another Romney win could give him momentum that could propel him forward.

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