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No Mo' Money?

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A disgruntled group gathered Monday morning in the parking lot outside Mo' Money Taxes on McDowell Road Ext., in south Jackson.

The source of the groups' discouragement was the fact that they were not leaving the office with a check.

These customers are not alone as managers at Mo' Money's across the southeast have been telling customers that a "computer glitch" is causing a "delay" on their tax refunds being processed.

One such customer was Carlisa Patton who said she had tried to go to two other Mo' Money locations in Jackson to find answers.

Instead, she found empty buildings and locked doors.

She finally found a manager at the McDowell Road location, but still walked away with no answers.

"The IRS already deposited the money, but because the IRS deposited it, they won't cut another check," Patton said. "I was told my money was put into a corporate account and they would automatically put it into my account after they take their fees out."

Patton said no money was ever deposited and was not told anything definitive about her refund by Mo Money manager Keith McDonald.

"Maybe 3 o'clock today, maybe tomorrow," Patton said. "he just really didn't know, but it's in their corporate account."

McDonald backs up Patton's notion that the money is in a Mo' Money corporate account, but McDonald says their hands are tied.

"It's just the matter-of-fact of getting people to understand it's out of our hands as managers, and we're just waiting on corporate itself to send the money in so it can be printed," McDonald said.

McDonald is pleading for patience in addition to understanding, but he wants customers to know that it's not a matter of "if", but "when", as it concerns their refunds.

"It's not a matter of, if they're going to get their refund, if they're not getting their refund," McDonald said. "It's a matter of the delay of them receiving their refund."

With patience at a premium, no matter how soon the money comes, Mo' Money is losing customers.

When asked if she will be using Mo' Money next year, Patton responded, "Never again, never again."

This is not an isolated situation as there are reports of refund delays at Mo' Money Taxes in Vicksburg and Durant, Mississippi, as-well-as Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee.

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