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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods - 321 Sewanee Drive

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There's a "For Sale" sign on a tree in front of the house, but neighbors are wondering who would want to buy it.

A 3 On Your Side viewer said she has been trying to get something done about 321 Sewanee Drive in Jackson since 2008 with no success.

So she called me to help her take back her neighborhood.

"Well, it's frustrating, because you can't get any assistance..."

Dorothy Edwards bought her house 10-years ago because it was a good deal and most of the houses in this neighborhood were occupied.

That's changed over the years.

Most perplexing to Edwards is the empty house next to hers.

It's been that way since 2008, creating a host of problems.

"Vandals have come in and they have torn out all of the ceilings and the walls and taken the piping; the aluminum away from around the side of the house," Edwards said. "The back of the house is caved in and it's just pretty much a shell."

A shell she said the owners won't take care of after repeated calls.

"And I called the city awhile back; it's been about a year or so that I called the city on it and when I saw your segment about taking back our neighborhood, that's when I decided to give you a call," Edwards said.

When we checked it out, Edwards had already trimmed back an overgrown tree.

"We've been keeping the yard up ourselves, you know, and trying to maintain that side so it doesn't make our home look bad," Edwards said. "I've had my issue with someone breaking into my home and I figured that because they were sitting in that home and watching my home, that's how it was able to happen."

"I would just like to see something done about it," Edwards said. "There's so much debris over there, being abandoned, it's like a hazard."

It looks like Dorothy Edwards' desire to see something done about 321 Sewanee Drive is about to be realized.

Last Monday afternoon, I spoke with Quita Bride, a spokesperson for the City of Jackson.

She told me the property has already been approved for clean up and it is scheduled to happen this week.

We will let you know when it does.

Let us help you take back your neighborhood.

Just send an email to hballou@wlbt.com or contact me on Facebook or Twitter.

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