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Sound Off: Super Bowl Half-time Show

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NBC's contract with the NFL gives affiliates like WLBT the chance to air the Super Bowl once every three years. This year's rematch of the 2008 Super Bowl with The New York Giants and the New England Patriots had the largest television audience in history.

Mississippi was well represented on the Patriots with Stephen Gostkowski, Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis and Kyle Love, The Giants had Michael Boley and of course Eli Manning.

Everything was perfect, except the halftime show. I am not a big fan of Madonna; she has pushed the limits of obscenity throughout her career. I don't know why celebrities think it is so cool to be crude and offensive.

One of the show's performers called M.I.A. made an obscene gesture and she wasn't signaling her team is number one. Maybe the gesture with the one finger she so proudly displayed was to show off her IQ or ACT score. I had never heard of M.I.A, which is a military term for Missing in Action, I just hope she will be M.I.A. on my TV set.

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