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A Viewer Reacts to the Beating

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61 year old Fred Jackson of Vicksburg was welding a fence after it was broken into at a recycling business Sunday before last on Woodrow Wilson Avenue.

Just doing his job when two men jumped him, beat him badly and took his money.

He only has a 15% chance for survival.

Prior to two men being charged with the crime, that story prompted a lot of reaction.

Here's one of them: (an unidentified viewer)

"I'd just like to say the way they did that poor man, beat him like that, my heart just goes out. Goes out for the family, goes out to the family. It's just a shame somebody would do a human being like that. I'm just hurt, hurt, hurt. And I pray to god they catch those people. And I hope they catch them and hang them. It's a shame they would beat somebody like that. Thank you so much. Oh, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus."

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