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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods - 72 added to clean up list

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Seventy two more blighted private properties are on target for clean up or demolition by the City of Jackson.

There is also have an update on a recent Taking Back Our Neighborhoods report.

Most of the property on the list will have grass, weeds and debris removed, a general clean up.

Others will be boarded up and some are too dilapidated to do anything but demolish, like 875 Powell Rhodes; 127 Mocking Bird Lane and 165 Carter Avenue.

Since the beginning of the fiscal year, the City of Jackson has demolished 53 properties and resolved 208 grass and weeds cases.

"I would just like to see something done about it," said Dorothy Edwards in my first report about 321 Sewanee Drive. "There's so much debris over there, being abandoned, it's like a hazard."

Edwards talked about the dilapidated house and trashy property next door to hers on February 6th.

After my report aired, something was done about it.

Within 2 days following the broadcast, city crews cleaned up and boarded up, just as city spokeswoman Quita Bride promised.

Dorothy Edwards contacted me about 321 Sewanee Drive February 1st, after years of frustration over inaction.

"Thanks again to you and your staff for the work you all are doing to help property owners like myself," Edwards said in an email to be on Monday.

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