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Look Around Mississippi: Valentine's Day

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It's probably been within just the last couple of decades that Valentine's Day has become the sleeper holiday of the year. The florist love it.

Gwen: Definitely so. It's our Black Friday.

Walt: And the confectioners are right there, too.

Nancy King: We'll have people the rest of this week coming in wanting things because they forgot or they were out of town or they didn't get the right thing and they were supposed to get Nandy's Candy.

Walt: Nancy King there is used to the Valentine's routine by now. She's spent 31 annual sleepless nights the night before Valentine's Day getting her chocolate covered strawberries ready for the public at Nandy's Candy. Nancy says she understands the relationship between candy and Valentine's Day.

Nancy: It's because it's all about love and chocolate is an aphrodisiac.

Walt: Hum. You don't think THAT'S what Forrest Gump meant, do you? Candy's dandy, but flowers are from the heart. And Gwen at Greenbrook Flowers says love obviously abounds today.

Gwen: It's Valentine mayhem. And everybody and their mother is coming in here to buy Valentine flowers and Valentine everything.

Walt: It's been this way all month so far. And will continue for a few more days for the poor guys who forgot. Roger Sheilds doesn't forget. And got his roses a day early.

Roger: Well you gotta get 2 dozen.

Walt: Now there's an overachiever. Getting TWO dozen roses. Must be the right thing to do. Look at that smile on his face. But kindergartner Caroline realizes this isn't just a day to show love for just one person, but to spread some "like" to a lot of folks.

Caroline: My school, we take valentines for everybody.

Walt: And if all goes as it should, by the end of this day all the vats of chocolate should be running dry, and the coolers of flowers should all be delivered. And happiness should cover the planet. And we men will have the self satisfaction that we didn't forget…this year… and the ladies should be glad we didn't either.

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