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Sound Off: Gulf of Mexico

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Mississippi Representative Steve Holland of Lee County has introduced legislation to rename the Gulf of Mexico the Gulf of America for all official purposes in the state of Mississippi.

I am so glad we are taking valuable legislative time to correct things that are not named appropriately.

Here is a small list of mine that need renaming; We drive on the parkway and park in the driveway. So this is easy. Let's start calling the driveway the parkway, and start calling the parkway the driveway.

In baseball they have the foul pole, when a ball hits the foul pole, it is a fair ball. The foul pole should be called the fair pole.

Grape Nuts, I've yet to figure out what Grape Nuts are, but I know two things it is not: grapes and nuts.

You should not be able to advertise a garage or yard sale unless you are actually selling your garage or your yard.

Now that the Republicans have taken control of the legislature, Democrat Representative Holland has a lot of time on his hands to work on these important issues.

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