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Weight loss by determination

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

"I can get in one leg," said Erin Alford, describing her 3x3xG size shorts. "I put on a good 40-50 pounds in college."

Erin Alford is a 5th grade science teacher at Gary Road Intermediate School. This young lady has had plenty of wake up calls about weight issues. One that really got her attention, was her audition for American Idol. "Got to the round before Hollywood. Came into a table of 15 executive producers who told me 'I had the voice but I didn't have the look'."

Now a striking and spunky size 8, Erin has reached her weight loss goal in less than two years. It started with an intervention of motherly love."My mother's a nurse and she would notice things like I was getting lethargic.

"She called me one day and I was on Countyline Road. I'll never forget it. She called me and said we've got to do something. At the time I was mad. I started (working out) the next day almost out of spite to prove I could do it." 

Erin's motto is better diet and never stop. Erin takes advantage of every opportunity to get fit. She's completed Gillian Michael's 30 day Shred, a 5K, a boot camp at a local church in McComb, doing a program called insanity and that's exactly what it is. "There's another program put out by the same people called Asylum and it uses weights."

To manage it all, Erin keeps her new high tech best friend nearby. It's a smart phone app called My Fitness Pad. It keeps her daily diet right at her fingertips.

Just watching her communicate with her students, it's obvious Erin is one of those special teachers. And being healthier lets her enjoy her students and her life so much more.

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