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Wonder Woman's car stolen

Wonder Woman might fly an invisible jet, but today she's asking for help to find her very visible stolen car.

Rachel Maccabee is out of work, five months pregnant, and suffering from gestational diabetes. On top of that, her car, with the Wonder Woman logo prominently painted on the front, has been stolen.

While Rachel has a sense of humor about her love of super-heroes, she's serious about needing her car back. She recently moved to Portland, Oregon from Minnesota and still has personal items packed inside it.

Police are hopeful that the car's unique look will help them recover it.

"I guess some would theorize that somebody from the Hall of Doom is trying to steal Wonder Woman's car to get the Golden Lasso of Truth or the bullet proof bracelets out of it, but certainly somebody will see this car in the community," said Portland Police Sgt. Pete Simpson.

Rachel says a lot of camping equipment and costumes were in the car, but her Wonder Woman outfit is safe.

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