Gov. Bryant wants to crack down on undocumented aliens - - Jackson, MS

Gov. Bryant wants to crack down on undocumented aliens

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

"To me, this seems so simple. So very, very clear and so that's why I am supporting this law," said Governor Phil Bryant.

The law is designed to promote the proper registration of anyone who comes to live and work in Mississippi from a foreign country. House bill 488 would allow law enforcement officers to inquire about a person's immigration status only after a person is stopped for some other traffic violation.

"No one dislikes Hispanics. No one is going to say, we want to target a certain population, that is ridiculous," Gov. Bryant added.

The law would also require proof of proper documentation before a student may enroll in school. Meanwhile, lawyers with the southern poverty center, a non-profit civil rights organization, say if the bill passes, they will sue the state.

Governor Bryant says illegal immigrants are breaking the law.

"He's violated a federal law. That's something the poverty center seems to ignore. We just simply ought to have the right, responsibility as a state to identify people who have violated federal laws. If we're going to ignore this federal law, what other federal laws should be began to ignore," Gov. Bryant said.

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