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Going From Mild To HOT, HOT, HOT...

The early morning hours feature a bit of light rain that was associated with the movement of a relatively weak front passing through the state. After the murky start to the day, more sunshine is expected with highs reaching to near 70 degrees. Also, the winds will be from the west 5 to 10 mph; partly sunny skies will accompany the mild conditions.

Tonight the moisture continues to build steadily throughout the central portions of Mississippi. This build up will result in not only more cloud cover overnight, but low lying moisture that will spark patchy areas of dense fog. We're not necessarily watching out for any advisories, but there will be some patches where viability will drop to less that 2 miles. overnight the lows will drop to the upper 40s with winds south 5-10 mph.

Tomorrow early morning fog is likely to start off the day, with a 'much' warmer day expected. We'll have so much sunshine that temps will rise into the mid 70s with winds from the southwest. And if that's not impressive enough, Thursday's temps will get close to 80 degrees! That's before the storms hit on Friday.


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