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Rollin Tigers Wheelchair Basketball team faces Hinds

RAYMOND, MS (WLBT) - Hinds Community College took it's intramural sports to a whole new level on Wednesday.

Thanks to a challenge from a wheelchair basketball team.

The Rollin Tigers wheelchair recreation team, led by former Hinds football player Antonio Wright, challenged the Hinds intramural championship basketball team to a five-on-five game.

Wright says he wanted to use the event as a motivational tool for the students at the college.

"One of my big mottos is life is a gift but living takes effort and never give up on your goals. So, I hope that they saw something in our guys that motivated them to try harder in their own lives to not look at excuses, not look at the situation but to just go through it with fortitude," said Wright.

The Rollin Tigers are preparing for a wheelchair tournament to be held at Jackson State in March.

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