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Three Bolton Flags Update

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Last week we showed you three flags in Bolton that were in pitiful shape.

The flag at this business was quickly taken down.

At the U.S. Post Office, the flag there was pretty sad but has since been replaced.

The Hinds County Department of Human Services had the worst flag of all, snagged by tree branches as it hung from the flagpole.

That prompted Richard Berry, head of the state DHS to send this letter the next morning.

He said he watched the segment in absolute horror and went on to express how America's flag is the symbol to the world of our nation's freedom and liberty.

He also apologized for 'the unfortunate incident.'

Mr. Berry also said it will be the duty of all his regional directors to monitor the condition of their flags and to make corrections.

He said he would "ensure that it is displayed in a manner that represents the greatest nation and the greatest exercise of freedom in the history of mankind."

From my Point of View, Mr. Berry gets a big thumbs up.

Thank you, sir.

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