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State Tax Refunds Delayed

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JACKSON,MS (WLBT) - If you are getting a tax refund from the state, expect a delay getting your check. Officials with the Mississippi Department of Revenue say they are experiencing a problem processing this year's returns.

At the state department of revenue in Clinton, workers were pouring through box after box of 2011 tax returns. Machines roar as they convert paper returns into digital information the computers can read. And the computers used to process the returns are causing a delay because they are running slower than usual.

 "I know a lot of people that e-file expect their refunds in a week to ten days but we're not able to do that this year because the system is running so slow," said Kathy Waterbury, Department of Revenue spokeswoman. Officials say they are working diligently with other state agencies to isolate the problem.

 "Our folks along with the technology folks at the state data center having been working feverishly trying to discover what the problem is. We have not been able to say, this is what it is. We've tried all types of solutions but nothing has solved the problem," Waterbury said. 

But, officials say one quick-fix may help the situation. "There was a fix made this morning that we hope may help the problem. Our system right now is working fast," added Waterbury. 

Officials say they hope the repair work that was done Thursday will make the system run more quickly through Friday and over the weekend and reduce the back log. Department of Revenue officials say the delay will occur even if you e-file or file the old fashioned way by paper.

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