Gas prices continue their climb - - Jackson, MS

Gas prices continue their climb

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

In just one week, the average price for regular-unleaded gasoline across the country has gone up from $3.56 per gallon to $3.70 per gallon. And as many drivers know, the increased pain at the pump is being felt right here at home too.

Regular-unleaded at an Exxon station in northeast Jackson was selling for $3.65 per gallon on Tuesday. Travel consultant Page Goodrich of AAA said the pain at the pump results from skyrocketing crude oil prices and the threat of war in the Middle East.

"Investors and analysts are driving up the price of crude oil based on the potential of a limited supply in the near future," said Goodrich.

According to AAA, the average price for unleaded gas is $3.56 a gallon in Mississippi. That's the highest recorded average for this early in the year.

"Well, I'm not thrilled about it, but I'm going to have to pay for it to get where I'm going," said driver Rosmonica Burks.

Burks said it takes about $120 to fill her truck up. She's bringing her lunch to work now to help pay for the more expensive gas.

"I don't go out as much as far as eating, maybe once or twice a week," said Burks.

The cost of crude oil is close to $108 per barrel and if crude oil continues to rise, we could easily see the average cost of gas in Mississippi reach $4 a gallon by May. But Mississippians may actually want to consider themselves lucky. 

 "The West Coast right now is paying $4.11 a gallon which is unbelievable," said Goodrich.

To conserve gas, do things like inflate your tires and lighten your load. You also want to make sure you drive the speed limit, check and replace air filters and use the recommended grade of oil. Also, one tip people may not be aware of is pumping gas on the slower speed mode.

"When you're filling up your gasoline at the tank, you have low, medium and high efficiency, put that gasoline pump at low because when you do it on medium or high you're creating a lot of vapors and therefore you're not getting value."

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