Recycling nightmare seems to be going nowhere - - Jackson, MS

Recycling nightmare seems to be going nowhere

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Some Jackson residents would be surprised to see where their recycling ends up collecting. One recycler found horrible expanding piles of paper, plastics and other items while trying to do her part for the environment.

Traci Maloney was taken aback by the mounds of debris collecting at the Palmyra Street recycling site used by the city.

"I came to bring my cardboard and glass and pulled up, and I was appalled," Maloney said.

The Jackson realtor comes to the facility to bring the materials the city won't pick up curbside.

"While we were here a truck pulled up and he probably had been in my neighborhood picking up my plastic, and my newspapers and they just backed up and dump it right there in the parking lot and I was horrified," Maloney said.

"Actually it's a dumping found looks like it," said Clarence Bolls, area restaurant owner.

Bolls sees the heaping piles of materials during his travels six days a week.

"It shouldn't be in the city and this is a haven for rats, rodents and this is wrong," Bolls said. "It won't be on the east side, but they don't care what they put on our community."

Michelle Vinson, Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality Spokesperson, said the site is operated by Global Plastics.

D.E.Q. staff visited the site last week after being contacted by Jackson's Solid Waste Division, but was unable to make contact with company officials.

Vinson said the city did not file an official complaint against the recycling business.

Tuesday Jackson Fire officials and City Code Enforcement officers went to the facility.

According to Jackson Spokesman Chris Mims, the Fire Department's Code Enforcement and Planning Department Code Enforcement have issued notice to the company that it has 24 hours to clean up the scattered mess.

"It's all in the open no security fence," Bolls said. "They should have a wooden fence or something up there."

"It just sits up and gets rained on," Maloney said. "There are flies on it."

Workers inside Recycle America Alliance said no one was available to talk comment, and they provided no information as to who could be contacted about the problem.

Officials with the Department of Environmental Quality said staff members will return the recycling center and discuss its operations with the company.

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