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Commit To Be Fit - Thomas Hodges update

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

During the holidays, many of us found a few of the pounds we lost and health experts say that's normal and it's okay.

But there was a member of the Commit To Be Fit team who stayed the course in his personal battle with obesity and it is amazing what Thomas Hodges, 56, has accomplished in 410 days.

When Hodges joined the Commit To Be Fit team last May, he was already on a weight loss mission with St. Dominic's Healthy Weight Advantage program.

From January to May 2011, Hodges had shed almost 120 pounds.

He was fed up with being morbidly obese and all the health issues created by the condition.

"I couldn't walk from this store outside without having to stop four times just to try and breathe," Hodges said.

That was last year.

"Now, I can walk up to four miles a night and it feels great," Hodges said.

It should feel great.

Hodges' goal was to melt down from 436 pounds to 200.

"I exceeded that," Hodges said. "I have lost 235 pounds and I am down to 199.6 as of today."

To give you an idea just how much 235 pounds is, grocery store manager Brad Baker weighs 235 pounds.

In essence, Hodges lost a whole person.

"I get all types of reactions," Hodges said. "Mainly, I walk up to them and they have no idea who I am."

Hodges wore size 65 pants.

He now wears a size 38.

There's also less material in his shirts; down from a 6x to a large.

Hodges is now excited about moving to the next phase of his weight loss journey.

St. Dominic nutritionist Laura Hartlein advised him what not to put into the first salad he will have in 410 days.

She will also carefully guide him into foods other than protein shakes and meal replacements.

Hodges says that kind of nurturing is what has helped him succeed in the Healthy Weight Advantage program.

"It has been the most supportive program I've ever been in in my life," Hodges said.

You may recall Hodges tried unsuccessfully to finish an 8-K walk last May.

"When that 8-K on the Parkway comes up again, I'm gonna be there; I'm gonna finish it!" Hodges said.

And I plan to be there to watch Thomas Hodges cross the finish line.

To learn more about the Saint Dominic Healthy Weight Advantage program, give them a call at 601-200-6099.

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