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3 On Your Side: Abandoned pit bull puppies

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Earlier this year, 3 On Your Side told you about 13 pit bull puppies that were abandoned in a dumpster.

Now, the story of their rescue has caught the attention of a national magazine.

The national magazine "Cesar's Way", published by Cesar Milan, a popular dog trainer, known as the 'Dog Whisperer', has the story in it's latest edition.

There is a picture of Goldie and her 13 pups taken at community animal rescue and adoption in Jackson or CARA.

The original 13 dogs, now about eight weeks old, is now down to eight still available for adoption from CARA.

The abandoned pups were found in a dumpster, near CARA by Kenny Ray Stolzfus of Jackson.

"But they was right in there," Stolzfus said. "In a box closed up. And I heard'em whimpering, you know, and that's when I checked it out, and they was 13 of them."

Janet Madden of Jackson, CARA Shelter Director, says the original owner of the dogs was tracked by an address label they found on the box the puppies were in.

CARA was able to talk the owner into allowing the mother to come and care for her puppies.

Madden says they would have died if that had not happened.

"Had they not been found when they were, they would have died," Madden said. "And, it would have been a terrible death."

Because CARA has taken the puppies in and worked out a deal to get the mother with the puppies, Jackson Police say they have no case to prosecute the original owner of the dogs, under the state's new law against abusing dogs.

If anyone would like to adopt one of these dogs, they have to go on the internet and find CARA's web site and comply with their requirements for adoption.

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