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Coming Up Tonight

DHS Custody Battle

A Jackson mother says she is living with the greatest heartache.  Good evening this is Maggie Wade with some of the stories we'll have tonight at 10 on WLBT.

32 year old Chartel Jackson says an altercation with her 11 year old son resulted in a complaint to the Department of Human Services, her children being removed from her home and her arrest.  She is now fighting to get her 5 children back.  I talk with her exclusively tonight.

Governor Phil Bryant is supporting new immigration legislation at the State Capitol. But some are questioning the policy and what it will mean for Mississippi including leaders of the Catholic Diocese.

Local law enforcement officers are searching for 3 Most Wanted suspects.  Marsha Thompson will have details.

They can be a problem for farmers and landowners, but tonight a group of weekend warriors arm themselves for a wild hog hunt in Warren County. Photojournalist John Matthews takes us along.

Severe weather in parts of the Magnolia state today and more storms could hit our area by Friday. Chief Meteorologist Barbie Bassett will have the latest on your First Alert Forecast.

And Sports Director Rob Jay has a full slate of college and high school basketball tonight.

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