Storms Hit Hard Tonight... - - Jackson, MS

Storms Hit Hard Tonight...

The threat of severe storms for Mississippi will mainly stay focused for the late afternoon and evening hours. We will have an initial concern for usually high temps in the mid 80s for this afternoon. A bit of a summer feel is expected for today, high of 85 degrees and winds southwest 15-20 mph. There's also a 40% chance of showers / rain during the day.

Tonight we have great concern for dangerous weather, early models indicate our area is under a 'slight' chance of severe thunderstorms. Overnight temps will stay in the 60s, maintaining a 90% chance of showers and T-storms. Additionally we have warnings of "moderate" chances of severe weather that cuts across Attala county, Carroll county and all of east - northeast Mississippi. Realistically, we are likely to see Tornado Watches and a few warnings during the overnight hours. Winds will shift from the south to the north 15-25 mph.

Tomorrow, early morning showers could linger on from the volatile Friday night storms. But we're not expecting any gloomy weather over the weekend, high will be 61 degrees and sunny on Saturday. Sunday will also stay clear and sunny and highs will stay in the mid 60s by then.


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