Col. Van T. Barfoot dies at 92 - - Jackson, MS

Col. Van T. Barfoot dies at 92

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Col. Barfoot was honored in Carthage, Mississippi on Veteran's Day of 2008 when a monument was dedicated in his honor on the court house lawn in Carthage.

We have file video to show of what we reported that day.

Despite single handedly destroying two German machine gun nests, in 1944, taking 17 prisoners, and using a bazooka to disable a German tank, attacking his position, Barfoot doesn't think he did anything extraordinary.

"As an individual I don't think I have done anything that some of you wouldn't have done, had you been in the situation and circumstances in which I found myself,"

Later on October the 9th of 2009, a portion of Highway 16 in Leake County was dedicated in his honor, between Carthage and his hometown of Edinburg.

Upon learning of Col. Barfoot's death Friday we contacted a man who knew him and is married to Col. Barfoot's niece. He is Leo Tickner of Jackson who shared what he knew about how the hero died.

"On his way to his daughter's house, either in his house or on his way to his daughter's house, he fell, and he somehow made it back to his house, then when his daughter missed him, she came looking for him, and found him bent over the sink, bleeding pretty bad from his head," Tickner said.

We also talked with Gen. Bill Lee of the MS State Guard who is a history buff and was very familiar with Col. Barfoot's exploits in World War II.

"An ordinary Mississippi country boy, taking an extraordinary action," said Gen. Lee.

So Mississippi loses it's last living Congressional Medial of Honor recipient from World War II. Van T. Barfoot, dead at the age of 92. 

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