Students launch large balloon - - Jackson, MS

Students launch large balloon

GLUCKSTADT, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Classmates gathered in Gluckstadt for a science project that literally soared into the air.

Students from Olde Town Middle School in Ridgeland worked together to send a large balloon high into the sky.

With high winds Saturday morning, the students had to work together to keep the latex balloon steady as it was filled with helium.

Once the balloon was filled, the students carried it to an open field.

 It was then launched into the air.

This year's launch was in memory of a very special person.

"The balloon launch here is dedicated to my father who contributed in the chase through the ham radio; they named it Leo One in honor of him, he passed away earlier last year," said Clay McGehe.

McGehe's father's name was Leo McGehe.

This year's balloon soared 97,000 feet in the air and landed in Ashville, Alabama.

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