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Murder charged reduced in Robinhood Lakes shooting

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RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The murder charge against a Rankin County man accused of killing his former roommate has been reduced.

Richard Lewis, 54, is now charged with manslaughter.

The shooting happened February 27th in the Robinhood Lakes area on old Lake Road, south of Brandon.

The victim is Christopher Eugene Hankins, 46, had been kicked out.

Lewis had his preliminary hearing before Judge Kent McDaniel in Rankin County Court Tuesday morning.

Lewis had admitted to deputies that he shot Christopher Hankins, when Hankins broke down the door to his home.

Lewis had kicked Hankins out as a roommate.

Chris Barnes, Rankin County investigator, testified Hankins was hit with three shots from a .30 ought six rifle and one blast from a shotgun.

Barnes explained what Lewis told him about shooting Hankins with the shotgun.

"He said he wanted to make sure he was dead because he didn't want him to come back to haunt him," Barnes said.

Michael Guest, Rankin Co. District Attorney, told WLBT News Lewis might have been able to use the Castle Doctrine, or self defense reason for shooting Hankins with the .30 ought six, but the shotgun got him in trouble.

"Mr. Lewis was not scared of him because he walked over to feel of his neck to see if he was still alive," Guest said. "And moving on back and firing that fatal shot I believe helps in the state's case against him, when he is trying to claim Castle Doctrine or self defense for the shooting."

Lewis can now get out of jail, if he can come up with the money for a $100,000 bond, while a grand jury considers the manslaughter charge against him.

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