Newt Gingrich optimistic about a primary win in the Deep South - - Jackson, MS

Newt Gingrich optimistic about a primary win in the Deep South

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Mississippians will head to the polls for the presidential and congressional primary election next Tuesday. So, the top candidates are campaigning hard throughout the Magnolia State until the election. On Thursday, Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich spent some time in Jackson for a rally, before traveling across other parts of the state.

The former Speaker of the House was welcomed at his first GOP Presidential campaign stop in Mississippi with applause. Gingrich began his address describing this election as the most important race in a lifetime.

Gingrich said his chief rival is President Obama and he wants to do everything he can to distinguish himself from the President. Gingrich said he can make a distinction by getting gas prices down to at least $2.50 a gallon. The GOP hopeful said that's possible by opening up offshore and federal lands and building a new refinery.

"We haven't had a new refinery in since 1977 so you also have to allow the pipeline to come down from Canada that's sold 700,000 barrels a day," said Gingrich.

In addition to lowering gas prices, Gingrich said he also plans to create a personal social security account for younger Americans. Many young people at the rally said their major concern is jobs. Job prospects are even a concern for 17 year-old Wesley Gore.

"I would like to see a strong President who can guarantee jobs because I'm going to college in a year and a half and when I get out of college I want to make sure I have a job," said Gore.

Gingrich said he plans to add millions of jobs by cutting taxes. However, in order for his promises to come to light, he's got to win delegates in the Republican Presidential primaries.

"It's like riding Space Mountain at Disney World you're in the dark; it's a roller coaster it goes up and down," said Gingrich.

Right now, despite his primary wins in South Carolina and Georgia, Gingrich is third behind GOP opponents Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. Gingrich is hopeful that the Deep South can pull him to victory.

The former Speaker said he plans to stay in the race, even if he doesn't win the Mississippi and Alabama primaries next Tuesday. After his stop in Jackson on Thursday, Gingrich is traveling to Tupelo and Southhaven for additional campaign rallies.

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