Mitt Romney holds town hall meeting in Jackson - - Jackson, MS

Mitt Romney holds town hall meeting in Jackson

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney made a trip to the Capitol City Friday morning. Romney is the third Republican presidential hopeful to make a trip to Jackson over the past three days. Like his opponents, Romney's doing everything he can to rally support and win votes for next Tuesday's primary election.

The GOP's top Presidential contender Mitt Romney quickly learned how to introduce himself to a southern crowd.

"The Governor said I had to say it right, morning ya'll," said Romney.

After some laughter, Romney took little time addressing what he thinks is wrong with President Obama's administration.

The Presidential candidate said, "we have fewer jobs, we have more debt and we have bigger government, that's what's wrong with this President."

As President, Romney promises the contrary, more jobs, less debt and smaller government. They're guarantees that supporters are banking on if Romney is elected.

"Reducing the debt is definitely my main priority too, that's what he really talked about we have to be proud of our country and that's one of the ways we can do it," said Romney supporter Laura Burt.

Romney said the way he'll reduce the country's debt is by cutting programs like the President's healthcare plan. 

"I'm comfortable with cutting our spending, capping our spending and balancing our books finally and getting America fiscally responsible again," said Romney.

To lower the nation's debt, Romney also promises to "take some programs we're going to keep and get them out of the hands of the federal government and put them back into the state hands."

Personal responsibility and less control from the federal government are important issues for Romney supporter Cassandra McBeath.

"Don't rely on the government you know you need to make your own decisions and not let the government makes the decisions for you," said McBeath.

Romney has been endorsed by Governor Phil Bryant and several other local Republican elected officials. From Jackson, Romney headed to Birmingham, Alabama for another town hall meeting.

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