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Walt's Look Around: A different kind of haunted house

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Travis was with his mom visiting at one of her friend's house when Travis got bored, as 17-year-olds are prone to do when mom is visiting. So Travis decided to entertain himself by doing what many 17 year-olds do, take pictures of himself in a mirror with his cell phone to post on Facebook.

And he snapped and snapped and thought nothing of it until he got home and downloaded his pictures and in one of them there were TWO people. Travis and a shadow or an image or… perhaps a ghost.

But knowing how easy it is to doctor photos these days, many people who've seen it think it has been Photoshopped or something.

"They think it's an app or whatever" said Travis I was like scared. When I went in and told mama it was like, I was just scared."

It was the fear factor that convinced Travis' mom, Valery, that the picture hadn't been doctored.

"I sat up. He came running up in there screaming and shaking me" said Valery. "Woke me up, showed me the photo and at first I thought he was joking. I thought it was an app, too. And of course I didn't believe him at first ‘till I saw how scared he was."

Valery says she and Travis came back to the house to the room where he took the picture and inspected the wall opposite the mirror just to see if Travis might have caught a reflection of something.

"We wanted to make sure it wasn't a picture on the wall or something that it could have showed it" said.  "Could have got on the phone and Travis didn't notice it. But there's not a picture in the bathroom."

The original shot is still on Travis' phone. Now, I guess it could have been downloaded, manipulated and re-loaded on the phone. But that's a lot of work to go to just for a joke.

And that doesn't explain Travis being so nervous about being back in the house to do this story.

So is the image Travis got real? Mom thinks so.

"No I don't doubt that at all" said Valery. "I believe him."

I'd a lot rather believe Travis than to have something like that pop up in one of MY photos and have to be convinced by my OWN experience.

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