Top cops plan joint operations against criminals - - Jackson, MS

Top cops plan joint operations against criminals

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CLINTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A new law enforcement alliance is planning to crack down on criminals and make neighborhoods safer with upcoming joint operations that will be conducted. Details were not released to the media.

That word Tuesday from Rankin and Madison County District Attorney Michael Guest after a meeting with Sheriffs, Chiefs of Police and other high ranking local authorities.

The meeting was orchestrated by the new Hinds County Sheriff, Tyrone Lewis. It's just one of many ongoing strategy meetings.

They stood side by side. From outlying communities, Warren, Hinds, Madison and Rankin Counties. All fighting the same battle.

Sheriff Lewis said, "We all deal with manpower issues, we all deal with budget issues, and we are going to be relying on each other for resources that the other does not have."

It's a unified approach to deter crime and catch criminals who often don't stop at city or county lines.

"In our drug enforcement area we will be able to share equipment, manpower. Drugs don't know jurisdictional boundaries," said Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker.

Rankin County's Sheriff, Bryan Bailey, also commented by saying, "You don't just worry about yourself, you worry about your neighbor too. We are all fighting the same battle."

The top guns said they will specifically band together local jurisdictions in the war on narcotics and burglaries and juvenile crime. Adding more manpower and resources instantly with a simple call for help to neighboring law enforcement.

A tactic they believe will pay off with a reduction in crime and violence.

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