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Parents react to high school fights

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Parents in Vicksburg met Tuesday night concerned for their children's safety following recent fights at the high school.

District officials said they welcome help stopping community problems from entering the schools.

About 30 parents met at the Knights of Columbus Pavilion in Vicksburg voicing concerns over three fights they said recently happened at Vicksburg High School.

Vicksburg Warren Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Swinford said two fights occurred.

One happened before spring break and the other immediately after the break.

The superintendent said the first involved seven students.

Nine were involved in the second fight.

District officials said issues that happen in the community end up as fights in the schools.

Parents want it stopped.

Tina Abney organized the parent meeting.

"We can not have any more of these fights in our school. We can not have our children's lives in danger," Abney told the group.

Brian Pugh has a junior at the school.

"The last fight that broke out at the school they actually locked the school down and the police came. It was a lock out. To my knowledge there were a lot of police. It was a very serious event," said Pugh.

Those present said more parents need to visit the school, more administrative and teacher control over students is needed, as well as the permanent removal of repeatedly disruptive students and strict adherence to dress and conduct mandates.

"Everybody sitting in here needs to go to that school when that bell rings and see what goes on. That's what you need to do. Go to that school when that bell rings. It's like wild cattle. There is no structure. I go out there every day, twice a day," said retired teacher Ida Burse.

The parents put together a list of people willing to work on solutions to present to the school board at their Thursday night meeting.

"We welcome any input that the parents have in helping us solve some of the community issues. We feel that together there is strength in numbers and we can achieve more," said Superintendent Swinford.

Swinford said the school district is also meeting with the Vicksburg mayor and police officials Wednesday at 11:30 a.m.

The Vicksburg Warren School Board meeting will be held Thursday at 5:30 p.m.

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