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Junk yard horse - A case of neglect or rescue?

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

We spotted him from the street. A black horse in a junk yard on College Hill.  A man quickly came around the corner and was ready to lead him away.

I told him, "Some people are concerned you are not taking care of this animal, you are neglecting this animal." 

 The man, who goes by Brown, said, "Come on." 

We asked for a closer inspection and found Smokey tied to a tree. It's been this way for the entire winter. 

Smokey's ribs were showing. Of more concern, the stallion had a deep open flesh wound on his pastern.

"Looks like he has an injury on his front left hoof." 

"Yeah he scratched it on that cross right there,"said Brown. 

A gash Brown later admitted was caused by a nail and being treated with an unknown solution. 

Smokey lives on a patch of dirt, mud when it rains. he had grain, but there was no water in sight.  

I asked Brown, "Where is his water bucket, feed and hay?"  

"Water bucket is over here. I'm just fixing to get more water and build a stall for him," said Brown. 

When we pressed the water issue, someone brought filled up a 5 gallon bucket. 

Brown said he is nursing the horse back to health and that he was in much worse shape when he got him 6 months ago. He showed us feed in large barrels. 

"I give him that much in the morning and that much in the evening," said Brown.  

Nicole Brown posted on WLBT's facebook page she had contacted Jackson Animal Control several times but felt she was getting the runaround.   

So we called them. Within 45 minutes, Animal Control suddenly showed up at the junkyard but refused to discuss why they were on the scene. 

I asked Brown, "What is he checking out?" 

"To see if I do what I said I was going to do about building a stable there," said Brown.

I then asked, "Did he say he was going to take your horse." 

"Oh no ma'am," said Brown. 

Jackson Animal Control's manager told me Wednesday, this case remains under investigation and may wind up in environmental court. 

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