Wednesday's Child-Tameka & Ervinnesha - - Jackson, MS

Wednesday's Child-Tameka & Ervinnesha

RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

They argue one minute and make up the next. They are true sisters who hope to be reunited under one roof. 14 year old Ervinnisha likes to be called Nene, and 16 year old Tameka is hoping they find a place to call home.

Just like most teenagers, Nene and Tameka enjoy fashion especially jewelry. At Village Beads in Ridgeland they were excited about the chance to create their own designs.

"I think I created something good," said Tameka.

"It's, it's beautiful. I like it. I feel relaxed now," Nene said.

The girls say they get to see each other at least once a month. When they get together they enjoy eating crawfish, and other Cajun foods.

"It means a lot when we have time together because I really wish she could like come stay with me because I don't have no one to talk too, I be all sad and lonely. And I don't know I just hope everything works out. Where you guys can be together? Yes," said Tameka.

"She means a lot. She's my heart, she's like everything that I have right now because my family is in New Orleans so she is the only person that I have," Nene said.

Nene enjoys getting praise and likes being in charge, something her big sister resists.

"Sometimes it works, sometimes it don't because when I tell her she thinks I be trying to tell her the wrong thing but I be trying to correct her. And she doesn't want to listen because you're younger? Yes ma'am," Nene said.

"Sometimes I try to tell her what to do and she doesn't like it and she'll get mad and I'm like okay Ervinnesha just forget it and then probably two minutes we'll be back talking and laughing and stuff. We don't stay mad at each other for very long," Tameka said.

A forever family must be willing to welcome both girls into their home.

"Tell me how you feel about adoption. Oh that's the question I've been waiting for. I feel really good because I feel like I really need a family that's going to love me and be there for me and I'll stay on my best behavior and everything just work out really good," said Nene.

"They have to be people I can go and talk too whenever I need someone to talk too, caring, lovable, just everything a child would want," Tameka said.

The girls enjoy putting things together, they are hoping there is a family who will help them with the finished product.

To learn more about adoption through the Department of Human Services call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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