Storms cause flash flooding in businesses and homes - - Jackson, MS

Storms cause flash flooding in businesses and homes

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Some business owners and residents in northwest Jackson complain that storms repeatedly cause damaging floods.

The owner of VIP's Restaurant at the intersection of Northside and Sunset Drives told WLBT that flash flooding has been a repeated problem for his business.

Flood waters overtook his parking lot Monday then entered the front doors of the building.

Stephen Robinson said he had to close then mop up water that seeped into his wife's salon located next to the restaurant.

Tenants who live in an apartment building behind the restaurant on Sunset Drive rushed to move furniture as water came rushing into their lower level homes.

They also removed soaked carpeting.

Residents and business owners said it is a constant battle that takes a financial toll.

"I have sandbags in front of the doors with also some quick crete just to keep the water out because my wife does hair in here. The customers are here when it rains the water comes in. It's just embarrassing for us trying to operate a business," said VIP's owner Stephen Robinson.

"I dug this ditch because of the floods to try to make the water stop. So the water has somewhere to run, and so I did it voluntarily free because my parents stay here, and I don't want them flooded. So I just dug a ditch from here all the way to the back back there," said Michael Johnson while pointing to a water filled trench that runs beside his parent's apartment.

Those affected by the flooding said they have contacted the city previously, but the flooding still occurs.

They believe clogged drains are causing the problem.

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