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Walt's Look Around: Indian Head Rock

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Ken Spellman of Louisville told me about the rocks the first time I heard of them. Indian Head Rock he called it. He said they were on land that belonged to Mr. Webb Pruitt Lee. And they had been an oddity and a mystery in Winston County for a long time. Well, Mr. Lee took me to the rocks the other day and told me what he had heard about them. First of all, there used to be more of them when he was a boy. 

 "The first time I saw the rock was in November of 1927. I was six years old. This was the place people always came and wanted to see. The five rock, perfect alignment, all the same height," said Webb Pruitt Lee. 

Old accounts from Winston County mention the rocks. William Lewis published a history of the county in 1876 and he's the one who recorded the legend.  

The legend says when the Chickasaw and the Choctaw traveled out of Mexico together they were pursued by Chief Chicamacaw who wanted to capture them and return them to Mexico as slaves. The two tribes separated before the Choctaw crossed the Mississippi River and Chief Chicamacaw caught up with them here in present day Winston County. The Choctaw prayed all night on this hilltop for deliverance. 

"At the break of dawn when the big chief started the battle to annihilate them, he was going to annihilate them, the earth opened up and swallowed the big chief and his chief warriors," said Lee. 

And the Choctaw then could peacefully move on to Nanih Waiya. And these stones are supposed to be the petrified remains of Chicamacaw and his warriors swallowed up by the earth. Great myth. But the facts are, these stones were carried here at some point in time by someone who really wanted them here pretty badly. These things are heavy. In the WPA days when they were shoved down the hill so the red dirt beneath them could be gotten to make roads, it took three tractors to drag them back to where they were. 

"One of them rocks still back in these woods somewhere," said Lee. 

An ancient worship site perhaps? A miniature Mississippi Stonehenge? Or the commemoration of a long ago miracle lost in antiquity? 

 "So, It's bound to be something to it," said Lee.

 And whatever it is, it's written in stone. Heavy stones from a long, long time back. 

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