The Drive by Epidemic - - Jackson, MS

The Drive by Epidemic

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Last Saturday in Miami, a crowd of young people gather in front of a funeral home.

Someone pulls up in a car and sprays the crowd of mourners with bullets.

Fourteen shot. Two killed.

Early Tuesday morning in Memphis, another drive by claims four victims.

Early Wednesday morning in Jackson.

Yet another drive by claims three victims, one of them a three year old girl who took a stray bullet while she was sleeping.

It used to be worse here.

Fourteen years ago, JPD said an 18 year old car thief shot 3 people in 5 days in drive by shootings.

Cops say he carried an SKS assault rifle.

Paul Triggs went to jail for those crimes.

He's still with the Mississippi Department of Corrections.

But, he becomes a free man the end of this month.

Maybe he can do some good by telling young gansta wannabe's what not to do with their life.

That's my Point of View.

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