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March for Justice in Canton

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CANTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

In unison, dozens of students made their message loud and clear by chanting, "We want justice...we want it now!"

The young people marched with colorful posters and clothing, commemorating slain teenager Trayvon Martin. Student march organizer Anthony Benton is just one year older than Martin.

"I was hurt because I couldn't believe someone went out there and killed my brother like that, that was unnecessary," Benton told WLBT News.

Martin was shot and killed while unarmed in Sanford Florida. George Zimmerman, the man who shot Martin hasn't been charged. The student marchers and their supporters say that needs to change.

"We want to show our support and see justice be done; justice is not for one justice is for all," said Canton High School teacher Inez Cole.

The group said justice can't be served until laws like Mississippi's "Castle Law" and Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law are revoked. The students said those laws can create more senseless death's like Martins.

"We got to get this law out of here no matter where it is we have to get this law out of here because this law, we're hurting ourselves with this law," said Benton.

In general, Mississippi's "Castle Law" and Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law each allow citizens to kill in self-defense, as long as they're resisting deadly force or a felony committed against them.

Mississippi College School of Law Professor Matt Steffey said under those restrictions, the laws allow you to use deadly self-defense in your home, vehicle and business. Florida's law is a bit broader.

"Florida has a law that entitles a person to stand their ground in public and to meet face to face with force but that doesn't for example give Mr. Zimmerman the right to instigate or begin the use of force," said Steffey.

In order to revoke the "Castle Law" and laws like it, voters have to voice their concerns to lawmakers.


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