Sound Off: Newspaper Circulation Down - - Jackson, MS

Sound Off: Newspaper Circulation Down

Jackson used to have three daily newspapers, the State Times, the Jackson Daily News and the Clarion Ledger, but today only the Clarion Ledger remains. The newspaper industry has fallen on hard times. People are consuming most of their media on TV, computers, tablets, smartphones and the latest electronic gadgets, but not in print. Declining circulation, rising print and gas expenses have only added to the woes of newspapers. Unfortunately layoffs have claimed some really good local newspaper journalists, like one of my all time favorites Orley Hood and most recently David Hampton, Rick Cleveland and Bobby Cleveland. The Clarion Ledger used to be television's biggest competitor for advertising and news stories. You would think that we might be happy to see newspapers in decline. The truth is I believe local newspaper reporting makes all of us in the media better at what we do and concerns me to see newspapers in such distress.

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