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Walt's Look Around: Baseball and Willie Morris

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It's the 5th season of the year for some die-hard fans. Winter, summer, spring, fall and baseball. I am here because my little friend, Lessie's mom, happened to mention to me at church the other day that 10 year-old Lessie is pitching this year in a girls fast-pitch softball league.

I was reminded of a piece of literary homage paid to the sport of Little League baseball that baseball's BIGGEST fan, and self described worlds oldest 4th grader (or was it 6th? Anyway) Willie Morris penned in 1995, almost 20 opening days ago now.

And the video is awful. My apologies. Time has not been kind to some video formats. But I thought it would be nice to once again hear the blessings of God invoked on our little friends at the beginning of the season as only Willie Morris could invoke it.

Willie: Dear Almighty God. This is a prayer for all the kids of all races and creeds in the boundless earthly springtime as baseball once more commences as it has and will eternally in the ordinance and charter of thy inexorable seasons.

There are special blessings for every position on the field: for those who are brave enough to be catchers. And for infielders and outfielders and shortstops. And pitchers.

Willie: And give their mastery of their fastballs and curves that they may outwit the fledging enemy of sluggers, especially with men on the bases. And I think we can say now, especially with WOMEN on the bases.

And Willie closes his prayer with a stanza for all of us.

Willie: Above all grant us a boyhood and girlhood where in time's soft reverie we are forever children and where baseball shall dwell with us always and where sharp grounders are eternally fielded in a new leather glove and drives to deep center are ceaselessly ensnared in shoestring catches and the wicked curve balls are met with two run singles to left center to win the game in the bottom half of the 9th.

And to that we add our amen.

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