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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods- Denson Avenue Eyesores

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

No one wants to live near a dilapidated house with overgrown weeds and garbage dumped in the yard. But that's what residents of Denson Avenue in west Jackson have been dealing with for several years now; and after repeated calls to the city produced no results, they called 3 On Your Side for help taking back their neighborhoods.

Kendra Collier was born and raised on Denson Avenue. Now, 25-years-old with a family of her own, Collier is concerned about the health of her neighborhood.

Asked if the problems had been this bad before, Collier said, "No, it actually got this bad a couple of years ago."

That's when the tenants of a house on Denson near Jackson Highway, were evicted and when no one else moved in...well, you know the story.

Collier said, "People outside the resident started just dumping their furniture and then people would come there, drive by and just throwing stuff out like it's just a dump hole."

There are even neatly stacked piles of lumber someone deposited; debris cleared from other property.

A house on the corner of Jackson Highway and Denson Avenue was heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina. It's been in that condition every since and if it ever caught fire, Jackson firefighters would have a tough time putting out the blaze because the hydrant is hidden behind weeds.

Even more frustrating for Collier, she says, is the lack of response she got from calling the Mayor's Action Line.

Collier continued, "And they didn't do nothing about; didn't nobody come look at it or anything, so I was like, if I call 3 On Your Side, I know they get stuff done."

Collier fears for the safety of her children and other kids in the neighborhood, not only because of the eyesore property, but huge holes in the street. A city marker has steered cars away from one for more than a year now, said Collier.

She said, "It makes me feel bad because it feels like they have no respect for our neighborhood and I feel like if they don't have no respect for our neighborhood, they don't have no respect for us as residents living in this neighborhoods."

Help may be on the way now. I contacted Quita Bride, public information officer for the City of Jackson.

She told me, in part: "On March 28, 2012, the City of Jackson opened numerous grass and weeds and board up cases on lots and properties located on Denson Avenue. The owners and all related parties have been identified and will be given notice of all cited code violations. If the violations are not corrected within 15 days, an administrative hearing date will be set for the owners and related parties."

We will keep you posted.

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