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Wednesday's Child - Ervinnisha

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She wants to be a lawyer and is getting practice sparring with her big sister Temeka. One of the things they don't argue about is finding a family on this week's Wednesday's Child.

Ervinnisha says her name is unusual and many times she has to explain its meaning.

"Well I get my name from my father. And his name is Ervin? His name is Ervin, yes mam. Very good. But you have a nickname that you like. Yes mam. What's that? Nene", she said. 

Nene enjoys praise and responds well when given attention or is put in charge especially if it involves her big sister, Temeka.

"Sometimes it works and sometimes it don't because when I tell her she thinks I be trying to tell her the wrong thing, but I be trying to correct her", Nene said.

Nene says her favorite subject is reading. She also enjoys basketball, dance, writing and drama. She says one of her favorite books is about overcoming adversity and it has a happy ending.

"Her real name is Cupcake Brown. She was, her mom died, she was doing drugs, she was in gangs and she grew up to be one of the largest lawyers, lawyers in San Francisco", said Nene.

Nene can be emotional. Social workers say she loves being hugged and giving hugs and wants those close to her to know how she feels.

"I'm polite, I'm respectful, I love to be talked too and I love everybody", Nene said.

Nene would benefit from a family who can be both loving and stern.

"Respectful, mindful, understanding and just love me", said Nene.

Nene and Temeka also have younger siblings. While they may never live together, they do want to stay in touch with them.

To find out more about adoption through the Department of Human Services, call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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