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Criminals Who Don't Care

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Robbers on the loose in Simpson County waylaying businesses.

A rash of them over the past few weeks in that county.

Teens up to no good in Madison County, breaking into cars, stealing guns, one of them walking around in a field talking to himself.

And then when the cops catch them, one fights with an officer trying to get his pistol.

All that while the rash of break-ins go on in Brandon.

Another chase in a stolen car through Crossgates, one is caught and two bail.

Very few will have any remorse.

It's just not in their vocabulary.

Kind of like the paroled 23 year old dude in Cleveland, Ohio who thought he was only getting 26 years for shooting two guys in the back of the head.

He curses the judge who gave him 41 years instead.

The only thing that makes them sad is when they get caught.

How sad is all that?

That's my Point of View.

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