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Woman claims JPD officer roughed her up

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Amica Ceasar, 27, says her black eye, swollen lip, and marks around the right wrist help tell the tale of what happened to her Wednesday night. She says a Jackson Police Officer roughed her up during a traffic stop.

"I'm very sad. Really don't want to be out nowhere," she says.

Ceasar tells us around 10pm, she was driving her Chevy Celebrity with her 6- and 9-year-old children as passengers. On Northview Drive, near West Meadowbrook, she was pulled over for speeding.

"He came to the car, asked for my I.D., I said I didn't have I.D. He was like, I don't like your attitude. Step outside and go to the trunk of my car."

Ceasar says that's what she did.

"Next thing you know, he grabbed my left wrist, put it behind my back. I asked him what you arresting me for? He said you have a warrant on a traffic ticket. I said OK. He put me on the trunk, put all his force on me. I yelled to my kids, call my mom. That's when I got the first (strike) to the back of my head."

Ceasar says she squirmed to loosen his grip and called for her son again.

"Last thing I heard him say is, if you move one more time I'm gonna spray you. I didn't want to get sprayed with mace, so I stayed still. Next thing I know, he punched me in my face, put the handcuffs on me, put me in his car."

Ceasar says she spent ten minutes at JPD Headquarters before they sent her home for jail overcrowding, and because she was hurt. She says the officer told others she looked like that when he pulled her over.

Jackson Police tell a different story, saying Ceasar was arrested on several warrants. When they put her in the back of the squad car, she tried to break the glass, and caused some of her own injuries. 

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