student art - - Jackson, MS

student art

Students excelling in the arts show off their work this afternoon at the Mississippi arts center. Numerous awards were given to visual arts students who attend the power academic and performing arts complex, which is a part of Jackson public schools. The showcase featured colorful, along with black and white drawings. Power APAC is open to students in grades four through 12. Students must be admitted to the program. Educators say the arts help in the classroom, and it takes a community to help ensure there is enough funding. <Whether you have a student in power APAC, whether you have a student in another public school in J.P.S. Or another district and you see the impact of the arts. Then we all have to speak up and speak out and say this is what counts. This is what's keeping them in school.> the art will be on display at the Mississippi arts center until April 30th.



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